Living in a London council estate, Rose was raised (and emotionally shaped) by her mother, a widow who told Rose stories about her father whom she had no memory of. While Rose had a relatively happy young life, dating with neighbour Mickey Smith, it took a bad turn when she fell in love with a young musician, and subsequent to moving in with him and dropping out of education, her future prospective plummeted. After the relationship failed and Rose found herself working in retail, seeming to be destined to have a life of mundanity and further retail work, she met the Ninth Doctor in early 2005.

Instead, the Doctor blew up her workplace and they began travelling together soon afterwards. She helped the Doctor work through some of the pain he had as the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War. When she met the Doctor, she was again Mickey's girlfriend, but that relationship immediately began to decay after she started travelling in the TARDIS. As Mickey himself noted, she transferred her romantic attention to the Doctor.

A major facet of her travels in the TARDIS was her assuming the identity of the "Bad Wolf". In order to get back to the Doctor, after he sent her and the TARDIS together to protect them from a Dalek attack, she was forced to stare into the heart of the TARDIS, which enfolded her in Time Vortex energy and turned her into a new and seemingly omnipotent being that could rescue the Doctor. She also caused a temporal paradox by leaving herself a trail of clues throughout history, she was able to recognise, leading her back. But it also nearly killed her. The Ninth Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex energy and transferred it back to the TARDIS — triggering a regeneration. She thus became one of three companions — along with Peri Brown and Wilfred Mott — to be the proximate cause of a Doctor's regeneration.


Rose and I have been travelling space and time together, but I never really got around to telling her that I loved her - Perhaps it was because I'm a bit...., but I might as well say it now. You might see it, you might not. I'm willing to take that chance.

I love you, Rose Tyler. You really keep me together, I've loved you since - forever! I'm so sad I couldn't say it at the time. I love you more than anything in the world. If I were to choose between you or my TARDIS...
....Well, I'd probably choose the TARDIS, but I'd drag you along with me. You're the spark in my screwdriver.

You really, truly accept me for who I am. You accept me for what I've done in the past. You've helped me come to terms with myself, and for that, Thank You.

I've always yearned for someone to love me, and you really feel that void.



"You know what? They keep on trying to split us up, but they never ever will."
"Never say, 'Never Ever'."

"You Can Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Me, But I Can't Spend The Rest Of Mine With You. I Have To Live On. Alone. That's The Curse Of The Timelords."

[after being kissed by Rose/Cassandra] "Yup, still got it.."

"How long did you wait?"
"Five and a half hours!"
"Right, always wait five and a half hours."

"How long are you going to stay with me?"

"I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye."

"I… I love you."
"Quite right, too."
"And I suppose… if it’s my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler…"

"So the year 5 billion. The Sun expands, the Earth gets roasted."
"That was our first date."
"We had chips!"

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