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WHONIVERSE.NET - The Whoniverse is a guide to the universe of Doctor Who, both on TV and in other media. A really good website if you're stumped on DW lore, or are new to DW!
GOODOMENSLEXICON.ORG - A website that tells you about the characters, places, and items in the Good Omens Books! (Much like the Fandom Wiki). Some articles are still a WIP.
ONELOOK.COM - a thesaurus and dictionary in one webpage! great for writers.
THE ENTIRETY OF STAGED - Michael Sheen and David Tennant play fictionalised versions of themselves, trying to rehearse a performance of Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author during lockdown.
MAGMA.COM - great tool to draw with, simple, usable, and has pressure sensitiviy built in.
WORDSPROUT - as a writer (and crowley irl), i need this so i can reach my 1000 word goal. You can set your own goal and watch the critter rise!
DONJON.BIN.SH - a site that generates a variety of things, especially names.
WORDSNSTUFFBLOG.COM - a blog that has a wide range of helpful writing tips, as well as masterlists for anything!

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